Unique Catering Design | Our Story
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Our Story

We create exceptional culinary experiences where the art of food, wine and the culture of the table intersect with impeccable service.

Our Story

His dream was to unite his passion for great food and his love for entertaining.

The story of Unique Catering Design starts with a young Giovanni Sandri, his mother from Genoa and his father from the Veneto region. As a child growing up in Rome, cooking was his greatest passion. After graduating from the Hospitality Training Institute and having completed several internships in hotels throughout Rome, Giovanni enrolled in ALMA, the prestigious International School of Italian Cooking , founded by Gualtiero Marchesi.

Before becoming a private chef for clients in Europe and the U.S., his culinary journey exposed him to the exceptional experiences of working in several Michelin Star restaurants, including Flipot in Turin, Cracco in Milan as well as Antica Osteria del teatro and Agata e Romeo in Rome.

His journey eventually brought him to the sands of Miami Beach where he quickly found a niche as a private chef. His love for sharing soon inspired him to start catering customized events. He was inspired to offer intimate, private culinary experiences that could not be replicated in a restaurant setting. He wanted to offer events where diners could have direct contact with the chef, to enjoy a more individual, indulgent experience. Chef Giovanni now shares his unmistakeable approach to food with the world through Unique Catering Design.

Our Philosophy

Each dish we cook is a unique creation designed to inspire a special journey.

Our passion for cooking stems from the desire to create something with our hands that everybody can enjoy. With Unique Catering Design, clients can enjoy simplicity of style, honest ingredients and passionately authentic experiences designed especially for their homes, yachts and private events.

We have carefully selected a team of private chefs that are ready to prepare exquisite dishes from almost any type of ingredients in any style . Some of our chefs have cooked in Michelin Star restaurants, while others are self-taught or newly qualified. What we all have in common is our unwavering love for cooking.